Advent 12.13.17


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A prayer after reading Matthew 11:28-30

Inviting God, who promises rest for the weary,

teach us how and when to let go of the

busyness, unrealistic expectations, and façades;

so we may accept your gift of rest and release,

embrace who we are, and bask in your holy presence.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Advent 12.11.17


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Let all humankind find compassion—

Healing hate’s deep festering wounds,

Walking in the paths of nonviolence,

Standing for what’s sacred and good.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, revive us for the task

To live out your peace in this world.

This meditation can be sung to the tune of

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (PICARDY)

Advent 12.09.17


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“...Yet, in thy dark streets shineth, the everlasting light” 

(Phillips Brooks)

Divine Light that touches Bethlehem’s streets and our streets,

Shine a ray of hope in the distressing darkness.

Light a pathway of peace in the shadows of violence.

Illumine a network of love where hate threatens to take hold;

And, let us live in such a way that we reflect your brilliant streams.

In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Advent 12.08.17


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A prayer after reading Luke 1:26-38

   O Spirit of God,

   present and more astute

   than the obsessive mind of my fear,

   once again you remind me

   that I need not be afraid.

   I need not let fear stifle my passion,

   my drive or eagerness to do something good.

   And so, O God, I boldly ask you

   to guide me beyond my fear

   and into incredibly promising territory,

   so I may be faithful to your call

   and proceed in the direction of positive change.

   I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Advent 12.06.17


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O God, for what do I hope?

I cannot ponder that question enough.

I may hope for things all the time,

But just as quickly as my hopes arise

they seem to flee from my grasp, from my mind.

Where does my hope for peace take me

after I turn off the morning news?

Where does my hope for people’s healing

intersect with my everyday life?

Where does my hope for the earth

wrap around my daily choices?

Where does my hope

for a more compassionate society

take root and grow?

O God of Hope, please help.

Let these desires take up residency in my life,

so they may start to make a difference in this world.

This is my prayer, O God. Amen.

Advent 12.05.17


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A Prayerful Response to Luke 10:21

O God, You grant special favor to the infants of this world—

special favor we once had.

But oh, we do not remember those days.

Upon entering the world of words and facts,

we forgot the wisdom we once held.

Now we cling to what we think of as knowledge

and believe the fiction of our self-sufficiency.

O God, help us recover the wisdom of an infant,

who takes in the world through wide-open eyes

and rests in the presence of love.

Help us revive this newborn intuition,

so we may seek and and once again find

your hidden wonders in this world.

In the name of the Christ child, we pray. Amen.

Easter Sunday 4.16.17


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The Cross

God of Transformation,

We give you thanks for the redemption story

of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

The Invitatory

May we know and grow in your transforming love.

The Cruciform

  1. Jesus, we rejoice in your prophetic ministry.
  2. Jesus, we rejoice in your healing ministry.
  3. Jesus, we rejoice in your teaching ministry.
  4. Jesus, we rejoice in your servant ministry.

The Weeks

You are…

  1. …alive
  2. …living
  3. …present
  4. …with us
  5. …in us
  6. …around us
  7. …here


You can learn about praying with prayer beads here.