Lent 4.5.17


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The following prayer can be sung to this Irish tune[1]

   God of the evening, and God of the dawn

   God whose love flourishes all day long

   When I don’t feel it or sense that you’re there

   God, you sustain me and move me to care.

[1] Hymn tune: SLANE (Be Thou My Vision)

Lent 4.3.17


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God of Love and Peace,

We lift up those who have been impacted by violence—

violence both seen and unseen.

We pray for individuals and for communities who are hurting,

who are grieving, who are troubled, who feel trapped;

and, we pray that you continue to heal these deep wounds.

With your Spirit and with your people,

work in their lives to bring physical,

emotional, and spiritual restoration.

And God, help us do our part in your healing work.

For we long to see your love and peace prevail.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen

Lent 3.28.17


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Gentle Spirit,

source of inner peace,

I rejoice in the moments when

I sense your presence

And feel a sense of calm.

Even when my mind

is so full of thoughts,

Even when my days

are so full of tasks,

You whisper to me.

You’re whispering

in the words of friends,

the kindness of another,

the warmth of a community,

and the creativity within me,

In musical phrases,

joyful celebrations,

deep conversations,

and moments of laughter.

I hear your whispers

in the tranquility

of raindrops

landing gently

upon the ground.

You draw me into

the present moment, God,

and oh, am I grateful.