Lent 03.20.18


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God, help me find your rhythm

in the irregularities of life.

Let me find your steady beat

In the strange.

Free my mind and soul to ride

The sound waves of your call.

And give me the grace to improvise.



Lent 03.19.18


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   God, thank you for

   the capacity to dream,

   to imagine what could be,

   to look beyond ourselves

   and this time—the now.

   God, teach us to live

   in gratitude for this gift,

   so we may not only dream

   but also realize and come to know

   more loving ways,

   the flourishing of creation,

   your justice and peace—

   a world more reflective

   of your beautiful reign.

Lent 03.13.18


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     It’s difficult to know

     the significance of a moment

     in the moment,

     so when we do

     it’s transcendent,

     difficult to express,

     hard to convey,

     just deeply


     And it can be

     so enlightening

     to review

     the work we do,

     to return to the moments

     that passed quickly by,

     to think of

     the small blessings,

     the people,

     the smiles,

     the Spirit of God

     we somehow missed

     in the moment.

Lent 03.09.18



When things don’t go my way

And I clench my fists

And my head aches

And my hands tremble

And I don’t know what to do

Show me where grace resides

The grace I buried down deep inside

The grace I haven’t tended

And won’t let grow

But that hasn’t gone away

Remind me of your grace, O God

The grace all around me

The grace found within

Your grace that remains