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This meditation can be sung to the tune of 

Let All Mortal Flesh (PICARDY)

Let all weary souls find a pathway

To a place where hope endures

Not a path toward fleeting wishes

But toward a persisting lure

Drawn to goodness dancing in the dark and dim

Hope and Guiding Light shine again.

Let all humankind find compassion—

Healing hate’s deep festering wounds,

Walking in the paths of nonviolence,

Standing for what’s sacred and good.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, revive us for the task

To live out your peace in this world.

Let all God’s creation together

Join in a most joyous refrain

Singing of the goodness that’s rising

Singing amidst hardship and pain

Good and gracious God, supply us with the tone.

Let us make your Spirit known.

Let us all find loving kindness

And pursue compassionate ways

Giv’n to us by our Holy Maker

Born in us again and again.

God’s enduring love for us will never fade

God with us forever, always.