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They used to be called a fountain 

Those sturdy rocks nestled in the side of a hill

They stand in fountain formation, and yet

Their pools remain muddy and still. 

There lies the potential for a flowing fountain,

If only someone found and animated the water.

If only someone turned it on,

What a wonder we would have among us.

But instead, we have the suggestion of a fountain--

untapped potential, waiting for animation. 

Oh murky water, gathering the withered and weathered,

The Divine Creator recognizes you,

A symbol of the resources given to humanity, 

The gifts not seen, neglected, unused. 

Oh the standing water resting on the rock beds

Just waiting to flow for all to see, 

I see you. You look so familiar. 

Your presence speaks to me.

"How wonderful to have the resources 

To make the fountains flow.

Only tap into that Divine potential, 

and let the waters of justice flow."