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   I wouldn’t dare be so demanding

   To anyone else but God.

   To no one else would I repeatedly cry

   Give me justice and mercy and peace.

   To no one else would I regularly demand

   Guide me, help me, hear me, please.

   I wouldn’t dare be so demanding.

   I wouldn’t say such things in so many words.

   But God knows that embedded within

   The words that appear so demanding

   Lies a soft and malleable core

   Of earnest, honest questions:

   Are you still with us God? Are you with me?

   We’re still partners in this world, right?

   You’d let me know if my stubborn ways

   were constricting our work together…

   You’d let me know that, wouldn’t you?

   You haven’t given up on me…

   You haven’t given up on us,

   Even though we’ve left so much undone…

   You’re here, working through us,

   Aren’t you, God? Aren’t you?

   These questions are my ongoing prayer.

   Though, I have a simple, humble hunch

   That God’s answer to these is a resounding “yes!”—

   A comforting, motivating, and powerful “yes.”

   With such a hunch, I can’t hold onto my questions, can I?

   So, I wrap them in a shell of demands.

   Oh, but God knows; yes, God knows,

   The fragile core within each demand.