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This prayer can be sung to the tune of

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (VENI EMMANUEL)

   O Source of Hope, supply us with the grace

   To see the places where your love resides,

   And when we see, O God, help us know

   That you are moving in our broken lives.

   With us, through us, your loving presence grows

   And gives us hope in what the future holds.

   O Source of Love, supply us with the grace

   To be like Jesus in this world of pain

   To love and let your goodness be known

   Responding with compassion from our souls

   In words, in deeds, in all the ways we live

   May we extend the healing love you give.

   O Source of Joy, supply us with the grace

   To sense your presence in this moment now,

   So we may come to know deep within

   The blessings of Emmanuel

   With us, in life, in happiness and grief

   “God with us” is our joy and our belief.

   O Source of Peace, supply us with the grace

   To see the sin that sharpens our divides

   And meet the hate and pain with your love,

   So we may join your reconciling song.

   The world, our life, is riddled with dis-ease

   But with your spirit we may foster peace.