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I think joy is present, but hidden, among us.

It’s there in our lives just waiting to be discovered.

Joy doesn’t disappear in the sadness or disappointments

Or in the hardships, or trauma, or day-to-day stress.

It may seem oh so terribly hidden,

But I believe we have joy here and now.

Joy is beholding constellations in the sky

Even through tears and sighs of grief.

Joy is creating something new and inspiring

Or discovering the brilliant work of an artist, a maker.

Joy is the two-hour conversation with another

That flew by as if it were merely minutes in length.

Joy is the hug you offered a friend

And then realized you needed that embrace in return.

Joy is the sunset, the symphony, the stillness

The glimpses of beauty that touch our lives.

Joy is God with us, Emmanuel, Jesus.

Do you see it? Do you feel it?

Have you found joy?