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I saw winter pass away, and I caught a glimpse of Spring, did you?
Did you see the daytime light linger into evening?
Did you experience weightless delight
upon seeing the buds of new life?
Were you struck with a moment of wonder when
you realized the grass returned from soggy,
tattered tan to brilliant shades of green?
Did you drink the warmer air,
inhale the floral scent of Spring,
and let the springtime sunlight dance upon your skin?
Did you catch a glimpse of Spring?
I caught a glimpse of Spring, now hidden beneath snow.
A season chilled and challenged to
save its treasures, persevere, and offer hope again.
The cold air scared the springtime breeze,
The frost and snow covered brilliant greens,
And now beneath this wintery blanket
plant life trembles, shivers, and shrinks.
But the texts of seasons passed do say it will be so
That winter’s snowy tomb will indeed roll away, and
The passing of winter will reveal Spring’s gifts of life and light.
I caught a glimpse of new life, did you?