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What is the path of Jesus?

Where does it start and end?

Is it marked with giant signposts

Or mysterious in its trail?

How do I find this path?

Is it obvious? clearly defined?

Or is it indistinguishable from the nature

Among which it winds?

Can I dance along the edges?

Can I sleep next to its bend?

Am I on the path, if my only connection

Is the palm of my left hand?

Is the path on the ground and rooted

In Jesus’ human form?

Or, is it more ethereal,

Less certain, more Divine?

And suppose I make my own path?

“What then?” I ask, dear Lord,

Do I hold the path of Jesus

From within my human form?

Can I make the path of Jesus,

With the Spirit inside me?

But when do such endeavors veer from God,

And just leave…me?

Do other pathways intersect,

The one of Jesus Divine?

Is there only one path at all,

Or are many paths Divine?

O God, I ask these questions

As my humble prayer to you.

And, know that I’ll keep walking

In hopes of meeting you.