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A retelling of Mark 10:32-34 in sonnet form
Now going toward Jerusalem they went
With Jesus leading them along the road
His travelling friends amazed at what this meant
But also housing fear and heavy loads
He took the twelve aside again and said
“The Son of Man will be condemned to death
We’re trav’ling toward Jerusalem ahead
Where he will suffer ‘til his final breath
“The priests and scribes will find him guilty, then
They’ll hand him to the Gentiles to die
They’ll spit upon and flog him ‘til the end
And mock him with their insults and their lies
“That bitter end won’t be the end, I say
You’ll see him risen after three dark days.”


Merciful God, we remember this warning, and put ourselves in the place of the Jesus followers. We journey with them through traditions, symbols, and memory. We hear this warning before the celebratory Palm Sunday and anticipate the horrific events that follow. God, sometimes this story becomes just that: a story. We know the end and that knowledge seems to lighten the more painful, darker dimensions of the story. Can we imagine, in any sort of way what it might have been like for the disciples? Is such imagining a worthwhile endeavor? O God, please guide us in our understanding. If there be a message for us in the symbols, traditions, and memories, we ask that you reveal it; and we ask that we may be open to receiving that message from you. Please guide us, Loving God. Amen.