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Creator, Ruler, Sustainer, I confess that I struggle to abstain from unhealthy comparison; I make judgments that I want to reject; I anticipate with more dread than hope. I doubt.

But, I come to you in gratitude, for you remind me that I needn’t compare myself to others, that I am growing ever more aware of the judgments I make. Yes, God, I am moving toward a spirit of awareness and repentance.

Gracious God, you have given me courage to act despite my dread; and in those experiences, when I’m so pleasantly surprised, you extend a reminder of the hope that is in you.

Wonderful Giver of Faith, I am grateful, for I am not defined by moments of doubt. Rather, my doubts leave room for an ever-deeper faith. Please help me inch forward in faith, my God and my Guide. Amen.