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God, Creator, Ruler, and Sustainer
Father and Mother to us all
Teach us how to be a family
In all the seasons of life we meet
God, we do not face life’s struggles alone
You are there, and so often gift us
With family, friends, and other caring souls
O God, we are so grateful
And we are not left to celebrate life’s joys
In darkness or isolation
You are there, and you bring others
At least, that is our hope
God, you are there in the between times
You are present through all seasons of life
You give us family and friends
In those times between joy and pain
We are grateful, but we also wonder
If we have been present people for others
During not only seasons of struggle or joy
But also the between times of life
Dear God, please teach us to be a family
In all the seasons and the between times
O Masterful Teacher, we pray
In your precious name, Amen.


*Suggested Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8*