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God of personal journeys and of communities
Present Presence of this day
To you I offer prayer
I call to mind the times when you have seemed so distant
But I also remember when I so keenly felt your comforting, guiding, loving Spirit
And I commit myself today to this season of prayer and purpose,
Of repentance and fasting and searching.
I join other Christian pilgrims, God,
And acknowledge that I do not journey alone
I search and pray within a community as much as I search and pray in solitude
I move through my daily endeavors, not alone, but with you ever before me
Even when I am unaware
God, I long to be aware—
Aware of your loving presence,
Of the needs I encounter, and the ways I can help
Of the stumbling blocks before me, and your guidance and strength
Please guide me during this season of Lent
Please guide fellow seekers and active participants
During the 40+ days that follow
O God of personal journeys and communities
Present Presence of this holy day
I am grateful, and pray this in your name