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During the season of Lent, I strive to renew the intentionality of my spiritual life. Traditionally, Christians make sacrifices during the season of Lent.  People “give something up”–they fast.  I also participate in that tradition, but I participate in another tradition as well. Instead of just eliminating “something bad” from my life, I aim to add “something good.”

I recognize that the things people tend to give up for Lent are not always bad in and of themselves.  The meat, chocolate, TV programs, etc. that people give up do not always compromise one’s spiritual life or journey.  We choose to fast during Lent to help re-order, re-prioritize our lives.  We hope that by the end of the 40+ days, we feel closer to God and less distracted.

I choose to commit to a Lenten practice/project for the same reason: to feel closer to God and less distracted. Of course, spiritual practices do not guarantee closeness to God; however, they can point people in that direction.  These spiritual practices can also become part of one’s spiritual journey well beyond the season of Lent.

Last year, this blog served as my Lenten project; and this year, I’m choosing a similar project.  My 2015 Lenten commitment involves writing a prayer to share.  Each day I will write a prayer.  I hope these prayers will be read and prayed by others as well. I hope those who read the prayers will feel prayed for; and, I hope and pray that the Spirit will work through this project–that both the readers and I will sense God’s Spirit in these prayers.