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We are always on a journey.  We might be drawing closer to Jesus. We may be wrongfully journeying away from Jesus. We sometimes journey through great trials that raise questions but ultimately teach us and bring us closer to God. Half the time we are not conscious of our journey. We live our day-to-ay lives without thinking about how we are being changed and how we’re changing the lives of others.

Important decisions and significant life changes have a way of rekindling our awareness of our spiritual journey—our walk with the Lord, the unfolding of our life purposes.

I’m making important decisions, and I have more to make. I’m charging into life-altering territory, and with a heightened awareness of my spiritual journey with God.

Will you be bold?

In verse 57 that “someone” made a bold proclamation: “Lord, I will follow You wherever You go.” He may not have known the full extent of his words. Perhaps it was naïve of him to say it; however, his words opened the door to greater understanding. His words initiated a lesson, not only for him but also for the others on the journey. The disciples were learning and deepening their connection with God and His work for them.

Through God’s grace and the workings of the Holy Spirit, Christ’s mission continues today.  We learn and rise to challenges while journeying today.  The Lord has lessons for us, and He teaches them while we walk with Him, not as a prerequisite for walking with Him.  Be bold! Embrace the journey and all the lessons along the way!