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IMG_0566During a time when uncertainty left me feeling weary with anxiety, a friend sent me an incredibly touching email.  In this message, she typed each word of her prayer for me.  She offered me more than some verses or words of encouragement.  She offered me more than a portion of a spoken prayer.  My friend gave the very words of her prayer for me that day, and her message afforded me the opportunity to read and reread that Spirit-filled prayer. 

Despite feeling inspired to similarly offer written prayers to friends in need, on occasion I have hesitated to act so boldly.  I feared that my friends would think the message strange or not understand my intentions.  Though, I have learned that acting in spite of such hesitancy often yields wondrous results. Responses from friends and coworkers have been amazing testimonies of the God’s abiding spirit. He has shown His presence in ways I hadn’t anticipated.  What a blessing!