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Where’s my heart and where do I start?

Starting with one small step. When I set a small, achievable goal. I’m more likely to commit and even continue my efforts beyond the 40 days of Lent.  If I give up chocolate or coffee for Lent, I highly doubt I would continue to make that sacrifice after Easter Sunday.  However, writing out one verse of Scripture each night before bed has the potential to develop into an ongoing practice.

Scheduling breaks. In times of immense stress and busyness, I am hardly aware of God. Just scheduling a break to refocus my attention on God and honoring that commitment is a significant practice.

Being present. When I’m overwhelmed by future responsibilities or burdened with past missteps, I think of the thing for which I am truly thankful at that present time.  I strive to be completely honest. It’s a gentle way of moving toward a more positive perspective—a great way to cultivate prayers of gratitude and a spirit of humility.