Holy Saturday 04.20.19


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O God, I long to sit with Saturday,

This in-between time,

When the weight of Good Friday sinks in.

But so often this day gets away from me.

It turns into a time to rehearse Sunday’s refrains,

A time to clean the house, to hide eggs,

to pick up those last few items at the store.

It doesn’t feel like Holy Saturday.

The weight of Good Friday has already started to lift,

Except for my lingering headache.

What a quick switch from death to almost resurrection.

I find it a little upsetting.

The disciples long along didn’t see Easter coming

The way we do now.

They had to sit with Saturday.

So, who are we to move on so quickly?

How can we honor this day?

God, I’m trying to find an answer to that question.

If I’ve been insensitive or unfaithful, forgive me.


Good Friday 04.19.19


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O God, this night of remembering,

is difficult to endure.

It’s troubling to remember this part of the story

and others like it.

It’s painful to think that horrifying deaths like this continue.

It’s heartbreaking to consider the experiences

of those left in the aftermath of trauma.

We may not be able to bear it.

It might just be too much for us.

But, your capacity to hold our pain

is greater than we know.

So God, on this night, hold our pain, hold us,

hold other broken, traumatized, grieving people.

Let them know they are not alone.

And let us live that message as well.

Lent 04.17.19


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Today I walked along a somewhat busy street.

The sound of the cars driving by was obvious, intrusive.

I had trouble tuning it out to hear the podcast playing in my ear.

But, then I turned a corner, and walked down a side street.

The soundtrack of my walk changed.

I could hear myself think once again.

I started tuning in instead of tuning out.

God, I anticipate more noise this week,

And hopefully some quiet moments too.

Help me discern when to tune in and when to tune out.

Help me connect with you.

Lent 04.13.19


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O God, I have questions with no obvious answers,

questions not fully formed.

I have this longing, this curiosity.

And, I know it’s your Spirit working in me.

I know you’re asking something of me,

Though I am not sure what exactly.

God, all I can do is commit to exploring,

To lean into this feeling,

and continue the work of discernment.

Help me draw near to you in this process.

Show me the way. Let me be. Amen.

Lent 04.12.19


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O God,

I am grateful for the calm before the storm,

For the quiet moments to rest and reset,

For times when I can simply just be.

As I look to a full week ahead,

One with a lot of meaning,

One that is demanding,

Help me to continue to find moments

for rest and renewal,

And to be present in all my endeavors,

So I won’t lose myself

in the challenges or the busyness,

But find myself in your presence


Lent 04.10.19


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“…to praise God joyfully with a loud voice.” (Luke 19:37)

O God, this is a prayer for all those

who feel they do not have a voice,

A prayer for those who have been silenced,

A prayer for those who have forgotten their voice,

A prayer for those who feel limited,

inhibited, self-conscious, afraid

To embrace who they are,

to embrace who you created them to be,

To embrace you.

O God, you give us the capacity to use our voice

And to find joyous expression.

Let us help others discover this capacity.

And let us find and use our voice as well.