Easter 04.01.18


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Eternal God, today, we remember

that when all seemed lost,

you appeared before us in a new way.

When hope was gone,

you resurrected it.

When your presence seemed to be buried,

you resurrected it.

When Life laid beneath the ground,

you resurrected it.

And so, we rejoice in your power to endure

and in your spirit that remains.


Lent 03.30.18


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Good Friday

O God, it’s tempting to minimize

the significance of this night.

Especially for us who know resurrection hope,

it’s tempting to skip ahead to less painful realities.

It’s tempting to stand at the periphery

and observe it from afar

as if it has nothing to do with our daily life.

But people are still wounded today.

We have wounds.

People still walk the streets traumatized.

We are traumatized.

People still know deep pain and sorrow.

We know it.

When we are in pain,

traumatized, struggling,

we can’t just skip to a happy ending.

So we sit with the weight of this day,

and trust that you are there with us.

May we find the Christ-like courage to endure.


Lent 03.29.18


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Maundy Thursday

O God, just when we're ready 

to diminish the meaning of love,

Jesus challenges us to redefine it.

As we're misusing the word

and "falling in love" with 

trends, bad habits, and material things,

Jesus foregoes words altogether

and embodies a new way.

He bends down and washes 

the tired feet of those gathered.

He gives undivided attention 

to each soul he encounters

and shows us the way of compassion 

and humble service.

Knowing this, how could we go back

to our old ways of loving?

O God, help us move forward in love

and explore the depths of what that means.


Lent 03.26.18


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O God, I begin this week with the intention

To be still and know that you are God.

When I sense your Spirit near…

Be still…

When things don’t go my way…

Be still…

When my body holds stress…

Be still…

When gratitude enlivens my spirit…

Be still…

As I share time with others,

As I worship,

As I pray,

As I join in conversation,

As I go about my day,

I will try,

Oh, I will try to remember,

To breathe, be still, and know,

That you, O God, are God,

Infinitely knowable God.

I begin this week with the intention

To be still and know that you are God.

Psalm 46:10