Lent 03.21.19


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God of the grey days,

Whether restful or draining,

Soothing or depressing,

Sorrowful, sweet, or still,

Help us catch glimpses of you,

Let us find moments of gratitude amid the grey,

And depth and color in our connection with you.

Lent 03.20.19


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They said they were in the right place at the right time.

They said that you placed them there,

You gave them the words,

You led them to the right people,

You blessed an interaction.

Today, I heard people speak

of the ways you’ve worked in their lives,

And then you worked in mine.

Thank you, God.

Your presence, your movement,

Your timing continues to amaze me.

Lent 03.19.19


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I continue to be surprised, O God,

By just how much courage and strength it takes

To be vulnerable.

I know the value of vulnerability in theory.

I’ve been moved because other people

have dared to share from such a sacred place.

But time and time again, I just want to hide.

I struggle to embrace who I am,

To be utterly authentic and real.

I struggle to bear my soul and share the gifts you’ve given me.

Help me change, O God. Turn me around.

Let me repent of these limiting ways

And dare to be the person you call me to be.


Lent 03.16.19


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I have all sorts of thoughts, O God.

My days have been full. My mind has been active.

I’m well aware of the work that lies ahead.

I have all sorts of thoughts, O God.

But, I pray I can set them aside,

At least for a period of time,

And just listen.

O God, help me listen.

Help me listen for you.

Help me listen to you.

Help me hear your guidance, 

Your grace.

Lent 03.14.19


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O God, when I want to turn inward,

When my mind zooms in on my own experience,

And the bigger picture becomes blurry at best,

When I crave alone-time or quiet evenings,

And I shy away from a challenge,

Turn me around.

Inspire me to zoom out and look for the bigger picture.

Remind me of the energy I receive from making connections.

Grant me the courage to face the challenges ahead.

Turn me around.


Lent 03.13.19


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A Prayer of Gratitude

O God, I breathe and find a quiet center,

And reflect on the little things that made this day special.

I give thanks for the morning sunlight, for warmer air,

and for a generally refreshing start to the day.

I give thanks for the people I met,

for the conversations we shared,

and for other connections made.

I give thanks for music, moments of laughter,

for sacred pauses, for bits of inspiration.

I give thanks for life in my body, stirrings of the heart,

Activity of the mind, and for the spirit within.

Thank you, God, for the gift of life,

For the gift of today, and hope for tomorrow.