Lent 02.21.18


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In this moment, I feel the warmth of the Sun

Inviting souls to join the community outdoors,

Lifting the weight of winter (if only for a moment),

And healing the distressing darkness deep within.

In this moment, I feel the warmth of the Son

Inviting broken souls to join the kin(g)dom of God,

Lifting the weight of hopelessness,

And healing the unlit places in our lives.

In this moment, I feel the sun shower upon me

sensations and reminders of Divine Grace;

And as I look ahead, I expect to see clouds, rain, snow,

And still more sensations and reminders of God’s grace.

For, God does not rise and set with the sun,

But speaks through all seasons and remains for all time.

Lent 02.20.18


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A trio of Haiku Poems

God of the darkness

Rich, mysterious, deep

Speak to our darkness

Spirit who lingers

Remaining with, sustaining

Reveal your presence

God of renewal

Restoring, enlivening,

Breathe life into us

Lent 02.17.18


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I once learned to pray with my hands clasped,

Head bowed, feet on the floor, feeling grounded,

connected to the abiding presence of God.

I also learned to open my hands,

To open my eyes, and to open myself,

To the Spirit of God all around me.

And still, I learned another way to pray,

To assume a posture of compassion and solidarity,

And to stretch out my arms in service to others.

I commit myself again to living out this Trinitarian prayer:

To be rooted in the love of my Maker,

Open to the Spirit all around me,

And to be compassionate 

and in solidarity with others

like my servant Lord.

Lent 02.16.18


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God, give me a faith that travels

from my mind, down to my feet

that lands in unfamiliar places

and stirs up meaning in the mundane.

May my faith hold up in trials

And never tire when things look dim

May it always have a community

in which to stretch and rest and grow.

God, give me a faith that travels,

Breaks down barriers and brings a love that

I cannot quite fathom yet

But that’s transformative, no doubt.

God, propel my faith to travel through

My heart, my hands, my voice.

Wherever next its needed,

God, may it find its way there.

Lent 02.15.18


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A prayer after reading Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Spirit of Transformation,

During this season of Lent

And as we encounter death and adversity,

Which feel very real to us today,

Help us choose life.

Again and again, may we choose life

And endeavor to offer the fullness of life to others;

So we may live into the ways you set before us—

The ways of your blessed, collective reign,

The ways of life and prosperity.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Lent 02.14.18


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O God, hear this simple prayer—

Not a prayer perfectly pieced together,

Not a prayer eloquently said,

But a prayer humbly offered on this sacred day.

God, as I journey into this season of Lent,

I long to renew my commitment to You.

But, I am still figuring out the best way to do that.

I embrace this lack of clarity,

trusting that you will guide me all along the way.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Christmas Eve 2017


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This meditation can be sung to the tune of 

Let All Mortal Flesh (PICARDY)

Let all weary souls find a pathway

To a place where hope endures

Not a path toward fleeting wishes

But toward a persisting lure

Drawn to goodness dancing in the dark and dim

Hope and Guiding Light shine again.

Let all humankind find compassion—

Healing hate’s deep festering wounds,

Walking in the paths of nonviolence,

Standing for what’s sacred and good.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, revive us for the task

To live out your peace in this world.

Let all God’s creation together

Join in a most joyous refrain

Singing of the goodness that’s rising

Singing amidst hardship and pain

Good and gracious God, supply us with the tone.

Let us make your Spirit known.

Let us all find loving kindness

And pursue compassionate ways

Giv’n to us by our Holy Maker

Born in us again and again.

God’s enduring love for us will never fade

God with us forever, always.

Advent 12.22.17


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God, I give thanks for the dear woman

Who taught me to look for the heavenly here,

To see the sacred, the good, the eternal in the now,

And to rejoice and give credit where it’s due.

“We need not wait for heavenly blessings," she'd say

"They come to us each day.” 

“So God imparts to human hearts 

the blessings of his heaven” (Phillips Brooks).